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Training machine operators in occupational hazard prevention regulations.

SERVEI offers the following theory - practical training, adapted to the current occupational hazard prevention regulations:

  1. Front fork-lift truck operator (diesel, electrical, gas - LPG liquefied petroleum gas).
  2. Indoor fork-lift truck operator (pallet trucks, stacking trucks, retractable devices, order preparation systems, etc.)
  3. Lifting platform operator (shears, articulated arm, caterpillar, pruning platform, platform mounted on a truck or off-road platform, etc.)
  4. Reach stacker operator.
  • We have a classroom for the theory training and the machines and space required for practical training.
  • In addition, we can determine the credit available to provide bonus training actions based on the Social Security contribution bulletins and, if applicable, process such credit.
  • In any case, we can cater for all of your needs.