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Aerial work platforms


Aerial work platforms with scissor lift

Scissor platforms are the perfect solution: they combine easy manoeuvring, large lifting heights and load capacity.

Aerial work platforms with articulated and telescopic boom

The articulated and telescopic booms are suitable for getting past obstacles.

Aerial work platforms for people

Aerial work platforms for people

Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms

Truck-mounted aerial work platforms, equipped with a basket and a telescopic or articulated boom, suitable for urban maintenance works and road services.


At SERVEI S.A. we strive to increase the SAFETY of machines that operate on public roads. All the machines in our fleet of elevator platforms have individual maintenance records, undergo an annual safety review in compliance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1215/97, and are certified by an ECA (Collaborating Entity of the Administration), which endorses our good practices. Furthermore, all our machines are equipped with fleet management GPS/GPRS tracking systems, which means we can offer the following advantages:


Possibility of immobilising machines at the end of the task or working day, thus preventing third parties from handling them, using them without permission or using them improperly.


Online computer application accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection: laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.


Location reports, use by operators, work schedules, alarms via email or SMS, programmable for controlling movements outside scheduled work times and areas, to indicate low battery/fuel levels, etc.


Our technical and/or sales department will be pleased to offer you detailed information on all the advantages offered by this technology.

Advice for choosing the right platform for your needs:

When choosing the right machine for the work to be carried out, ensure that the work access routes will enable the lift to circulate from the point where it will be unloaded. There must be no obstacles, drops or road widths that prevent it from getting past. Ensure that floor slabs are capable of withstanding the weight of the lift.

In the event of having to circulate along ramps or uneven terrain, ensure that the slope percentage is within the parameters established by the manufacturer, listed in this catalogue.

All the lifts have been built to work on firm and level surfaces. Generally speaking, they allow small variations of up to 20 approximately. In the case of greater differences in height, and for safety reasons, the machine may not lift or an alarm may sound to warn the operator of the danger of it tipping over. For outdoor work, diesel powered scissor lifts are equipped with hydraulic stabilisers for automatic levelling. We are happy to advise you with no obligation.

Never use additional support elements, wedges for wheels or supplementary elements for correcting ground deficiencies; doing so places the balance of the lift and the operator's safety at risk.

It is important to check the load capacity of each platform in order not to exceed it and to prevent the risk of falls.

Generally speaking, electric scissor lifts, articulated booms and machines for indoor work have special non-marking wheels. For outdoor work it is advisable to use these wheels only when the ground is properly paved and not rough; otherwise these wheels can be easily damaged and we recommend using diesel lifts that are equipped with wheels designed for outdoor work and that in many cases have 4WD systems.

It is very important to observe obstacles at heights that may hinder the manoeuvring of the lift. These include all kinds of electrical, telephony, compressed air and air conditioning installations, etc., both outside and inside premises and buildings. We recommend respecting the safety distances stipulated in the regulations in force.