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Forklifts for indoor use


Electric pallet trucks

Various electric pallet truck models for working inside containers, on docks and in loading/unloading bays, with or without a folding platform for the horizontal transport of goods on long routes.

Electric stackers

Electric stackers for storage at height, with duplex and triplex masts, lifting heights from 5.4 to 6.2 m, models with folding platforms, with both stand-up and sit-down models available.

Electric reach trucks

Electric reach trucks with lifting heights of up to 12.5 m, indoor/outdoor models and three-way handling models for high-density warehouses with very narrow aisles, smart guidance systems, a high seating position for the operator in some cases and a wide range of equipment suitable for each need.

Order pickers

Order pickers for the first and second handling level of shelves, medium and high level for operations at heights of up to 12 m from the operator's hands. The order pickers are equipped with guidance systems and electronic optimisation of speed, acceleration and braking in order to minimise swaying in works at height.

Electric turret trucks

Carretillas eléctricas con elevaciones de hasta 13,5 m, combi y trilaterales para almacenes de alta densidad con pasillos muy estrechos, sistemas de guiado inteligente, posición del operario arriba según sea el caso y un amplio surtido de equipos y accesorios adecuados a cada necesidad.

Side-loading forklifts

Carretillas elevadoras de carga lateral, multidireccionales y 4 caminos, para manipular cargas de gran longitud y almacenaje en pasillos muy estrechos para lograr el mejor aprovechamiento del espacio.